Silk-Trade d.o.o. Tešanj is a company that has existed since 2001 and which in a short time managed to expand and professionalize its own business. The beginnings of the company are related to the wholesale of consumer goods, and today the business would be diversified into several business directions, each of which functions as an independent business unit. Today we employ almost 100 qualified and motivated colleagues and the combination of experience, youth and motivation of employees is something that guarantees us further growth and development of the company.

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Silk Trade d.o.o. Tešanj

Silk Trade is company who´s primary business is wholesale and distribution on territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina. We are importers for brands such as Curver, Fackelmann, Maped, Street, Gardena and Substral and many others. Our company has three different divisions: household items, school and
office stationery, garden accessories.

Today at our company we have 72 highly qualified and motivated employees linked to wholesale and distribution bussines.

. Combination of experience, youth and motivation of employees is something which is guaranting further growth and development of company together with warm and relaxed surroundings.

Silk Trade is company based in Tešanj who´s primary business is wholesale and distribution in categories
Garden accessories Garden accessories

In our portfolio of garden accessories. You can find variety of products.

School and office stationery School and office stationery

Wide range of school and office stationery product.

Household items Household items

Buy products for household items.

Phone: +387 32 665 290
Adress: Poslovna zona Vila br. 20, 74260 Tešanj Bosna i Hercegovina

Silk Trade is offering


Pallet places
Safe Solution


You need service of logistics?

Ideal solution for all types of service tied to storage of goods and storage logistics are possible in our modern equipped warehouse in capacity of 4.000 pallet places.

Possibility of leasing of pallet place, service of unloading, service of loading, admission of goods and many other services are provided by Silk Trade.



Phone: +387 32 665 290
Adress: Poslovna zona Vila br.45, 74260 Tešanj,
Bosna i Hercegovina

Hospitality and catering

Complement to our business are our hotel and restaurant which are in heart of industrial area in Tešanj. Restaurant is oasis of peace where our kind stuff provides You with quality service either You are on business lunch or at dinner with your family. Our hotel has capacity of 26 rooms together with swimming pool, wellness and gym. 

Be our guest

You will stay in Boutique Hotel Villa Ukus with intention to rest and the kind stuff will do anything to help
you accomplish that. The comfort and luxury or our modern interior design and gastronomic offer to our
restaurant are suitable for each guest who wishes only best for himself. Look more here...

Phone: +387 61 447 559
Adress: Poslovna zona Bukva br.11, 74260 Tesanj,
Bosna i Hercegovina

Real Estates

Business center Ukus is in industrial are Bukva in Tešanj. Within our business center you can find:

In addition to that list in business center Ukus there is office of ASA assurance as well as our restaurant.

In case you need additional information regarding rental possibilities or anything, the contacts are: +387 61 447 559

As for the hotel: +387 32 665 290


Address: Poslovna zona Vila br. 20, 74260 Tesanj,
Bosnia and Herzegovina

Production of electric energy

The installation of photovoltaic solar panels is part of a transition path based on renewable energy sources. With the development of technologies to produce electricity from renewable energy sources, it has become more accessible to everyone. The main pattern of climate change is the harmful combustion of fossil fuels, of which oil and coal are the biggest polluters. By installing solar panels, we protect our environment in a way that a 5kW solar power plant reduces the amount of carbon dioxide emitted equivalent to planting 180 trees over a lifetime of 25 to 30 years.

For these reasons, Silk Trade from 2019 to 2022 installed four power plants of 150kW, five under construction of 100kW, one of 120kW at the business center Ukus, which generates electricity for its own needs and 10kW power plants for its own needs Silk Trade.